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    Republic Bank Launches Second Year of Its ‘Five for Fun’ Youth Cricket Initiative

    Castries, Saint Lucia, Monday May 22, 2023 - On Thursday May 18, 2023, Republic Bank (EC) Limited, officially launched the 2nd ‘Five for Fun’ Youth Cricket initiative at Republic Bank’s Castries Branch.  

    The initiative, which was successfully piloted in Saint Lucia in 2021, is an Under 12 short-format cricket competition, designed for both boys’ and girls’ participation at the primary school level. It arose out of a collaboration between Republic Bank and Cricket West Indies (CWI). ’Five for Fun’ provides a pathway and regional coaching framework for aspiring CWI players. It ensures that children not only have access to cricket at the primary school level, promoting the game in a fun, safe, player-centered environment, but also provides opportunities for social and life skills development through cricket.

    The launch event was well-attended by participating students of the Bocage and Micoud Primary Schools, coaches, representatives from the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association (SLNCA) and representatives from Republic Bank (EC) Limited.

    In his opening remarks, Operations Manager of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association, Shaun Alcindor, thanked Republic Bank for funding such an initiative. He spoke to the impact that cricket can have on a young person’s life, observing that “through cricket young people learn teamwork, discipline and resilience”.

    Dave Albert, 1st Vice President of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association, expounded on the benefits that this initiative will bring to young individuals. He noted that the SLNCA would not be able to provide such a program without the support of Republic Bank and that it is his hope that this program will birth future professional players.

    The ‘Five for Fun’ initiative is part of Republic Bank’s larger commitment to social responsibility and community development. The sport of cricket holds great significance for Caribbean people as it represents a shared cultural heritage and serves as a source of national pride and identity.

    In her remarks to the gathering, Fidela Haynes, Republic Bank’s General Manager for Business and Retail Banking, spoke about the important role the Bank plays in supporting the game's development in the region by providing financial and other resources for different levels of cricket.

    “Through various initiatives at the professional and grassroots levels, the bank aims to not only promote the sport’s growth but also to promote the values of fair play, respect, and teamwork that the game represents. The Bank recognizes the value of the sport and is committed to supporting its development for future generations. ‘Five for Fun’ cricket will be key in allowing our children the opportunity to build fundamental life skills, with the possibility of continuing their cricket craft as a career, which is something important and tangible,” said Ms. Haynes.

    Beyond its financial contributions, the Bank, along with its stakeholders, will continue to provide training for coaches, education in the spirit of the game and its values, and promote good sportsmanship among players and fans.

    Clivus Jules, Acting Director of Sports at the Ministry of Youth Development and Sports, expressed the Ministry's support for the program. He spoke about the program's benefits and the fun it brings to the participants. Additionally, he thanked Republic Bank for its ongoing efforts to grow and develop the sport of cricket in Saint Lucia and the wider Region.

    The ‘Five for Fun’ initiative will culminate with five top zonal teams participating in a festival final. Each team will comprise five players and compete in a two innings (5-overs per innings) format. Each team will include at least two boys and two girls, and everyone will have an opportunity to bat, bowl and field. As demonstrated in the competition's design, ‘Five for Fun’ builds on the Bank’s core values of diversity, equity, and inclusion by ensuring that everyone gets to participate fully in the game regardless of gender or skill level.

    The program is expected to have far-reaching benefits as described by ‘Five for Fun’ coach Eldris Charles.

    “Five for Fun will provide young cricketers with the basic skills needed for them to advance into the Under 15 play a lot easier and then propel them into the next level”, he added, “I am grateful for how Republic Bank really cares about the children and provides us what we need to really give the participants the quality coaches they deserve,” said Mr. Charles.

    The ‘Five for Fun’ program is intended to grow to all of Republic Bank’s operating territories with the launch of the program in Guyana in 2022 and St. Kitts in 2023. This is the second edition of the program in Saint Lucia.

  • Programme Background

    Born out of the Make a Difference Fund, in 2003, the Power to Make A Difference programme took its first steps toward becoming the next rewarding chapter in an ongoing history of collaboration with advocacy groups in the pursuit of building successful and sustainable societies.

    Since the programme’s inception, we have had the opportunity to form powerful connections; working together to help enhance the quality of lives of persons with disabilities, supporting healthcare programmes, providing opportunities for young people to realize their realest potential through sport, education, literacy, culture and the arts, and raising the bar for community investment through a wide-reaching, comprehensive staff volunteerism programme.

    Throughout our journey we have celebrated several milestones and achievements and we’re grateful for being part of a remarkable journey of sacrifice, accomplishment, and discovery. We are continually inspired by the alliances made, fully aware that behind the narrative and the stories of successful partnerships, are the lives of the people who we are able to help.

    As we look back, we look ahead; humbled by the successes, and encouraged by the opportunity to do even more as we enter the Eastern Caribbean territories and St. Maarten. In so doing, we aim to stay true to that simple oath made several years ago; the oath that beats at the heart of the Power to Make A Difference programme.

    Catch up on what we’ve been doing in some of our subsidiaries by clicking here: Power to Make A Difference Magazine.

    To view our launch video click here: Power to Make A Difference Launch

    “To be our brother’s and sister’s keeper.”

  • Programme Criteria

    All Power to Make A Difference applicants must be registered with the local Board of Inland Revenue. They must be well managed and accountable to donors for funds received. Beneficiaries who receive funds from the Power to Make a Difference programme will have to account for the use of funds through submitted periodic expenditure reports. Funds must be used only for the purpose requested and must not be applied to other purposes without the bank’s written permission.

  • Application Process

    Power to Make A Difference applicants must use the following form (available here: https://www.republicbankdominica.com/form/power-to-make-a-difference)

    Please note that all supporting documents must be sent via email to RBECPMAD@rfhl.com.

    General Information:

    • Articles of Incorporation (where applicable)
    • Most recent audited financial statement (within two years of current year)
    • List of Board of Directors and copies of Identification
    • Supporting documents for the programme/project, with quotations from relevant suppliers etc


    For Vehicle Requests:

    • 3 quotations from 3 different dealerships
    • Insurance, maintenance, and any salary for drivers must be paid for by the organization
    • Copies of relevant permits to be submitted with the application


    Kindly note that applications for the Power to Make A Difference programme in the fiscal year 2022/2023 are now closed.

    Successful proposals will be announced soon. We thank all applicants for their interest and submissions.

    Stay tuned for further updates.

    For Construction Requests:

    • Approved drawings must be submitted
    • Quotations from contractors to be included
    • Deed & Cadastral sheet to be included where relevant
    • Recent Receipts from relevant utilities where applicable


    All proposals must contain clearly outlined comprehensive proposals/plans and be accompanied by the relevant quotations. In making decisions regarding contributions to our partnerships with charitable organizations, we reserve the right to request a visit to the institution to ensure the relevance of the project to the programme's focus and the organization’s eligibility for funding. For more information or to submit your proposals, please send an email to RBECPMAD@rfhl.com.


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